A digital TV broadcast company providing the world with (FTA)Free To Air Broadcasting.

MYATV Broadcasting Network is applying for license by the Government to operate the infrastructure and network facilities for Digital Terrestrial TV-Second Generation Terrestrial (DTT-SGT) services in Nigeria which is to realize the migration of analogue terrestrial broadcasting to digital throughout the country by 2017.
The initiative is under the purview of the Ministry of Information and Multimedia, while the Nigeria Communications and Multimedia Commission is the regulating body supervising the project.

Under this national project, the DTT-SGT infrastructure and network facilities that MYDT will be responsible to develop include a digital multimedia HUB and a network of high, medium and low-powered digital TV transmitters that are capable of carrying up to 39 standard-definition or 13 high-definition digital TV channels initially. At the end of the migration exercise, it is expected that 75% Portable Indoor (“PI”) and 25% Fixed Rooftop (“FRT”) coverage would be available in Africa.

As part of DTT-SGT migration process, MYATV is committed to provide free channel capacities to incumbent broadcasters/CASPs until 98% of DTT-SGT coverage is achieved during simulcast, which is the period when both analogue and digital signals are transmitted to Nigeria homes. In rolling out the DTT-SGT, MYATV will be utilizing all available RF spectrum by deploying 8 MUXs and has also undertaken an ‘outside-in’ rollout strategy, which means it will concentrate on metro area first and move the rural areas in providing the DTT-SGT systems.

As part of its commitment to ensure that DTT-SGT will reach at least 98% households in Nigeria and Benin by 2017, MYATV is committed to distribute a total of 300 million Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) which includes a decoder, an antenna and a remote control with Aevolve High tech interface (HTI) to deserving recipients, from a list to be provided by the Government.

MYATV will also capitalize on DVB-T2 Lite Access technology to capture the Phone and Pads mobile viewer market also by 2017. While content development is not one of MYATV’s activities, the primary driver for its revenue would be the main channel capacity services and enhanced services to Content Application Service Providers/Application Service Providers (CASPs/ASPs) under the APP Services (“AS”) which the company will be offering. These services have been designed to generate income not only for MYATV, but for channel owners and media players to have new opportunities for their revenue streams as they will not be dependent on traditional advertising methods among the services under its AS include TV Services (EPG Advertising, Free Channels, etc.), Radio Services, Connected Services (such as Catch-up TV, Web TV, Video on Demand etc.), Commerce & Application Services (Home shopping, Ordering Services etc.) and Soft Services such as e-Learning Application, Social Media TV, Voting, Health Services and Hotline among others.

MYATV is also part of DVB worldwide, and National Digital Taskforce and the Broadcasters’ Alliance, the latter is a group formed by free-to-air broadcasters in Africa for the purpose of the DTT-SGT migration. Within the Alliance, MYATV has been tasked to educate Africa public on the DTT-SGT migration, which includes engagement with local leaders and governments with business opportunity for new entrepreneurs to emerge in this exciting and fast growing Industry.