TV Services

Free Channels
• Own your own digital channel which is free for everyone to access.
• Save on channel infrastructure and maintenance costs.
• Integrate your channel activities or promotions with MYATV’s other features and services for additional streams of income.
• Suitable for channels with unique content or a strong following.
• Earn more revenue by making your channel subscription based.
• Users have the option for unlimited access (no limit) or limited access (e.g. daily).
Near Video on Demand
• Paid for TV belting service offered by Channel Owners to viewers.
• Users pay to view the channels they want for limited periods of time.
• Quality of content is an important factor for this type of Channel Owner.
EPG Advertising
• Reach out to viewers by advertising on the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which houses the directory of channels for MYATV.
• This form of advertising is similar to website banner advertising.
• The guide also generates high traffic and is ideal for advertising.
‘Red Button’
• This service enables the broadcast of interactive programs.
• The ‘red button’ option is available to channel and content owners as a gateway to communicate and interact with the viewers of the channel or program.
• This function can be used in multiple ways – such as cross selling, promotions and other interactive activities from the 5-Pillar Services.
Interactive Games
• This service allows free channel and paid channel owners to provide interactive games to users through a dedicated channel.
• These game channels can be used to generate revenue, build brands or be created as an added service to viewers.
Digital Teletext
• Digital teletext allows free channel and paid channel owners to disseminate information in an attractive, interesting and interactive way.
• An enhanced version of teletext, digital teletext comes in full color with pictures, photos, different sized fonts and clearer wordings on screen.
• Perfect for broadcasting news and content.
Multi-lingual Subtitling
• Channel owners are able to include another subtitle language into their programs.
• This subtitling option also helps channels cater to a wider and more diverse audience.

Multi-lingual Audio
• Gives viewers the choice of watching programs in different languages.
• This service enables Content Owners to provide multiple languages for their viewers.
EPG Schedule Data (Standard)
• This feature enables Channel Owners to share up to 7 days of program information with viewers.
• This service allows viewers to plan in advance for their favorite shows.
Mosaic Channel
• An interactive channel which has several live minimized feeds on a single screen running at the same time.
• Viewers can now watch multiple channels simultaneously – enhancing their overall experience.
Classified Advertising Channel
• Create your own classified channel where sellers can reach out to potential buyers.
• Through the navigation interface, users can search and browse for what they want easily.
OTA Downloads
With Over-The-Air (OTA) downloads, Channel Owners are able to regularly update their users with their latest content, services and features.


Radio Services

Free Radio Channels
• Own your own free-to-air digital radio channel including in podcast method for HbbTV enabled services.
• Save on channel infrastructure and maintenance costs.
• Integrate your channel with MYAT’s other features and services for additional streams of income
Subscription Based Radio
• Earn more revenue by making your channel subscription based.
• Suitable for radio channels with unique content or a strong following.
Internet Subscription Radio
This service allows you to create your own online radio channel(s) where users subscribe to your content through an IP based radio application on screen, including podcast.

Connected Services

Catch-Up TV
• This feature allows viewers to catch-up on shows or programs they’ve missed.
• The service can be free or paid depending on the Channel Owner.
Video On Demand
• Using this paid feature, viewers rent movies and programs to watch.
• Viewers get to pick what they want and when they want to watch it.
Application On Demand
• Users purchase Applications from the App owners.
• Users will get to learn more about the App either through reviews or a free trial before purchasing.
Online Games
• This service allows Content Owners to provide interactive games (single/multiplayer) to users.
• Users will be able to select and play interactive games such as quizzes, arcade style games and others.
• These online games can be used to generate revenue and even help build brands.
Web TV
• This is HbbTV Services.
• Channel Owners can have a dedicated channel where their users can have access to online streaming services.
• The channel can be customized to the owner’s specifications and/or content.
Multi-screen Video
• The beauty of T2 Lite Access technology, through multi-screen video formatting, all channels can be transcoded for reception on various device platforms.
• This will increase penetration, making those channels available on smartphone, tablet and similar smart devices.
Video Contribution Network
• This is a point-to-point live feed service for channel owners.
• It enables live feed (uncompressed content) to be sent to the broadcasting station for live streaming.
EPG Schedule Data (Enhanced)
• This is an enhanced version of the Electronic Program Guide.
• Through this enhanced version of the EPG – trailers, content and information come to life to create rich user experience.
On Screen Chat
Users can chat through an interactive application that appears partially on the TV screen just by using the Remote Control.



• Allows viewers to shop from the comfort of home via their TV using a TV Remote Control.
• Reduces operational cost by helping to eliminate the need for a physical store.

Ordering Services
• Allows viewers to place their orders via TV using a TV Remote Control by enabling ordering services that link up to business outlets.
• Especially useful for businesses that rely heavily on home delivery or delivery service.
Transaction & Payment Gateway
• Will be available for lease.
• Pay per usage method that eases payment and collection.
• Facilitates payment modes for services such as home-shopping as well as other e-commerce transactions.
Delivery Tracking
• Allows products that are purchased by users to be monitored and tracked.
This option to track their delivery status can be done via TV Screen.


Soft Services

• Gives Channel Owners the option to outsource their call centre.
• Enable Channel Owners to reduce operations cost substantially.
Ratings Research & Analytical CRM
• Provides Channel Owners and Advertisers with exact figures and accurate information on viewer demographics.
• Through this service you will have access to audience sizes based on program, channel and even geographical location
e-Learning Application
• Offers courses and training to viewers by providing a complete learning experience using TV as a medium to educate.
• This feature is especially useful for educational institutions, training companies or any education based business.
Social Media TV
• A new dimension of social media on a bigger screen.
• Users can access their social media applications via TV and experience optimized interaction and navigation customized especially for their TV screen.
• This allows Channel Owners to generate revenue and gather information/data.
• Through this feature, they can conduct various types of contest and polls using this platform. Voting can be done via TV Remote Control.
Subscription Management System
• Through this system, MYATV will provide its customers’ database to Channel and Content Owners that have plans for Subscription, Pay Per View (PPV) or Video On Demand (VOD) channels.
Playout services will be made available for lease from MYATV to Broadcasters that do not own or have access to playout facilities.